Grote Industries’ guarantees its new Ultra-Link-Coil-Cords will consistently deliver electrical power to the trailer portion of semi trucks. Grote identifies dependable trailer power as a need for all rigs and has introduced six new connector cords. All wiring utilizes solid brass terminals and is protected by advanced polymer jackets using a molded elastomeric material. The cords are exceptionally crush resistant and sealed to prevent water entry. Die-cast sleeves ensure the semi-rigid cords won’t wear prematurely in any climate condition.

“The advanced polymer jacket material is designed to perform flawlessly between 55 degrees below zero to over 190 degrees Fahrenheit and the terminals are corrosion resistant, while providing superior current-carrying capacity with minimal voltage drop,” says Bob Dobrow, business development manager for Grote Industries.

The six new Ultra-Link-Coil-Cords are:

  • ABS Power Cord -- 12 feet
  • ABS Power Cord -- 15 feet
  • Ultra-Link 500 Power Cord -- 12 feet
  • Ultra-Link 500 Power Cord -- 15 feet
  • Ultra-Link 100 Power Cord -- 12 feet
  • Ultra-Link 100 Power Cord -- 15 feet

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