If you're rebuilding or restoring your old Ford truck, you might want to check out Egge Machine and Speed Shop engine kits for the venerable Ford 223 6 cylinder truck engine. They offer two kits depending on your years application needs. The differences between the 1954 and the 1955-60 kits are the oil pump and camshaft. There are two camshafts available and are interchangeable between the kits. The 1954-55 camshaft has a slightly different lobe and duration to the 1956-60 cam. The Egge L2035 piston features steel supported pin bosses, a flat design head, and are made from the Egge "family-recipe" of high-silicone A-332 aluminum, magnesium and titanium. The pistons come in standard bore of 3.625", .020 .030, .040, and .060 over-sizes. Custom over-sizes are available on request. Made In America.

1954-60 Ford 223 6 cylinder Pistons and Engine Kits
1954 Engine Kit Part Number F223M54
1955-60 Engine Kit Part Number F223M55-60

Egge Machine and Speed Shop
Santa Fe Springs