BD Diesel Super B Single Turbo Kits: 1994-2007 Dodge Rams

BD Diesel's Super B single turbo kits are for 1994-2007 Dodge Rams with the Cummins 5.9-liter modified to make 250-425 rear-wheel horsepower. Quick spool-up, cooler exhaust gas temps, and no surging are among the perks. Gadgetry is Borg-Warner Extended Tip compressor wheel technology, starring low-inertia, full-floating journal bearings and BD's dual-volute turbine housing for improving turbine response. There's also a heavy-duty, adjustable wastegate actuator to prevent premature opening from high exhaust pressure. And upgrading to a twin system is a snap. The MSRP starts at $1335.

BD Diesel Performance

DeStroked Zeus Controller: Cummins Engines

Everyone hates a micromanager -- unless, of course, it's you overseeing your pickup or SUV's power. The fully adjustable Zeus controller from DeStroked is for Cummins engines and is a stand-alone ECM that replaces the factory unit. It plugs directly into the stock harness (no mods, adapters, or wiring changes on your part), and its built-in data logger will record all the vehicle info. The no-brainer programming software allows you to tune mild to wild (and you can tune on the fly via a dash-mounted selector). It runs about $3800.


DiabloSport Trinity Performance Monitor: 1999-2010 Ford, Chrysler/Dodge, and GM

When you go to the gym, you (should) wear a heart-rate monitor to watch your performance status. That same concept makes sense for your vehicle. So, DiabloSport offers the Trinity Performance Monitor for 1999-2010 Ford, Chrysler/Dodge, and GM gas and diesel vehicles. Features include programming, diagnostics, reading/clearing trouble codes, virtual gauges, and, if you're so inclined, virtual dragstrip. All the info can be accessed via the high-resolution, full-color touch-screen display. It's about $600.