Flex-A-lite: 2003-2008 Dodge Ram 1500 and 2500 V-8

It's easy to forget that an efficient cooling system can immediately improve performance -- not to mention fuel economy. Flex-A-lite offers an electric fan for the 2003-2008 Dodge Ram 1500 and 2500 V-8, and not only is it lighter in weight than the factory unit, but it's a direct bolt-in replacement. It creates 3300 cfm of airflow that will instantly bring down the temp of your coolant (without drawing power from the engine), and it comes with an electronic control unit that measures coolant temp and air-conditioning use. The adjustable temp range is between 160 and 240 degrees. It typically costs around $330.


Flowmaster Cat-back Exhaust: 2007-2010 GM half-tons

When it comes to any upgrade for your truck, we're guessing you want it to be simple. Meet Flowmaster's cat-back exhaust for 2007-2010 GM half-tons with the 5.3-liter V-8 (except the regular cab longbed) for improving power, torque, and throttle response. It's manufactured from T409 stainless steel and has a Super 50 Series single-in/dual-out muffler and 2 1/2-inch mandrel-bent tailpipes. There are also three-inch-diameter, polished stainless steel, logo-embossed tips. Side- and rear-exit pipes are included, so you can pick the location. The system costs around $900.


Ford Racing Supercharger Kit: 2005-2008 Ford F-150 5.4-liter

Want to squeeze even more power out of your 2005-2008 Ford F-150's 5.4-liter? Ford Racing's supercharger kit has been engineered to produce an extra 160 horsepower and 160 pound-feet of torque at the rear wheels. The kit includes a 2.3-liter twin-screw supercharger unit, intake manifold, high-flow air inlet, and Pro-Cal Tool for calibrating performance. If customizing is a big thing for you, the kit comes with your choice of finish: polished or black-crinkle finish. MSRP is about $5900.

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