is on a mission to prove unsuitably designed tow mounts/hatches will only magnify crash forces in the event of a rear impact, and their latest product intends to protect both driver and occupant while offering three tow ball sizes.

They call it the Safe "T" Tri-Ball Mount, and it'll fit in 2-inch receivers. Key to this arrangement is a set of energy absorbing rings attached to the mount's stalk. Bolted behind the actual hitch balls, the absorbers crush under impact and take the crash energy with them, rather than allowing the majority of the energy to disperse into the cabin. The idea is to reduce whiplash, and claims that other installed mounts increase the chance of whiplash by 22 percent without such protective features.

In addition to personal injury protection, the Tri-Ball Mount adds some energy absorbing length to the truck or SUV and reduces the amount of leverage applied by the vehicle performing the rear-ending. This in turn protects the frame and, hopefully, the bumper and bumper cover.

And let's not forget the hitch's other duty. Three ball sizes, listed below, accommodate various trailer and tongue weights. All one has to do is flip the mount around.

Tow ball size - Maximum trailer weight - Maximum tongue weight

1 and 7/8-inch - 3500 pounds - 350 pounds
2 inch - 6000 pounds - 600 pounds
2 and 5/16-inch - 10,000 pounds - 1000 pounds

The Safe "T" Tri-Ball Mount meets SAE J684 collision standards.