Yes, this is the same Viper that makes vehicle security alarm systems. But they also do a mean set of window films/tints.

Viper offers three films: Ceramic Film, Security Film, and Ultra Film. Ceramic is supposed to be applied to the windshield and comes in relatively light applications. Light transmissions include 20, 30, 50, and 70 percentages (the higher the number, the more light that passes through).

Both Security Film and Ultra Film are available in 4-, 17-, 34-, and 54-percent light transmissions, though Security is said to strengthen glass and help prevent theft. The tints shouldn't affect your radio signals.

People purchase tints for different reasons. Some do it for style, and some have sun-sensitive skin that needs extra protection from the rays. Just remember to check your local vehicle codes for legality purposes.

Price will vary depending on application.

Directed Electronics/Viper