Get some extra utility from your pickup truck or SUV's ARB air locker with the new onboard twin air compressor kit.

Designed to be used in conjunction with an air locker, the onboard twin air compressor kit delivers high-volume pneumatic supply, perfect for re-inflating tires or powering air tools. Out on some extreme trails and need to drop your tire pressures to deal with the rocks and crags? The onboard air supply will pump those pressures back up for the drive home.

Two different compressor models are available in two different voltages: 12 volt (CKMTA12) and 24 volt (CKMTA24). A separate manifold kit allows the compressor to fully latch on to the air locker and ARB ensured there was sufficient cooling in order to produce a quality, durable product.

Both the 12-volt and 24-volt onboard twin air compressor kits retail at $544.50 and go on sale late May 2011.

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