Sure, pickups and SUVs have practical uses, but they're also a great way to get you out of civilization and into the back country to take a deep breath. Maybe you need to get to the desert with a pair of motorcycles, maybe it's up to the mountains with your camping gear, or maybe you're heading out on a lake with your fishing boat. Whether you tow an 18,000-pound fifth-wheel mounted to your one-ton dualie or a lightweight teardrop attached to the bumper of a V-6 crossover, your vehicle can help you reach your destination. Whatever you like to do or wherever you love to go, there are plenty of products to make your life easier (and safer). Here are just a few of the better problem-solvers we found at this year's annual RV trade show in Louisville, Kentucky.

Smarter Fifth-Wheel Hitch
Pullrite is the only manufacturer that makes a fifth-wheel hitch that can automatically "dislocate" itself in a tight cornering situation. Probably best suited for shortbed fifth-wheel tow vehicles, this SuperGlide hitch detaches and glides when it senses a corner is too tight, for a better, safer turning radius. Once back on line, the hitch autolocks back in place like nothing happened. Prices start at $1000.


Keep It Level
Making sure your trailer, tow rig, or motorhome is level can make all the difference, and conveniently bagged Level-Trek building blocks are an easy way to store and travel with your own leveling blocks. The plastic blocks connect like Legos and provide sturdy and secure support for even heavier rigs. $50.