Stopping Stones
Anyone who tows knows the damage rocks can do to a trailer's front end. The experts at Cloud Rider now offer the Stone Stopper, a full-length flap that sits off the rear bumper to block all thrown debris. It attaches in minutes, and will cost in the $200-$400 range.

Cloud Rider

Space-Age Eddie Bauer
After partnering with Ford Motor Company for more than 25 years, Eddie Bauer is branching out: Its next partner will be Airstream. Designed specifically for those who like to hunt and fish, this 25-foot Airstream has all the cubbies and features any outdoors person would love. Coming from two premium-priced name brands, this vehicle is not cheap, starting around $75,000.


Light Wherever You Go
Originally designed with a construction site in mind, this 60-foot extension cord can serve many needs. With heavy-duty outlets every 10 feet, the cord can power a string of lights in whatever configuration you require. Each plug comes with a protective cap, as well as a set of plug-in work lights. Priced around $100.