Major OverHauler
The Tuscany Star Hauler bed conversion system is a complete F-550 makeover, turning a rough-riding chassis cab into a plush fifth-wheel luxury hauler. Tuscany offers all kinds of custom and packaged option systems to improve the ride and performance of a truck, SUV, or van. The Star Hauler packages starts at $30,000 and escalates, depending on how many options and how much "heavy-duty" you want.


Better Battery Power
No one needs to tell truck enthusiasts how important a good battery can be, especially if you're towing the toys for a fun weekend. Nothing kills a good time like a weak or dead battery. Odyssey Batteries specializes in heavy-duty absorbed-glass-mat lead-acid units capable of delivering both strong cranking amps and repeated deep discharges (most do one or the other). They're a little heavier and a little more expensive than most, starting at $150.

Odyssey Batteries

Keep It Cold
Dometic offers several fridge/freezer options for your favorite cold foods. Designed for 12/24-volt DC or110-volt AC power, these models are made to be rugged, sturdy, and weather-resistant. Prices vary based on size and options, but start at $600.