Chock It Up to Experience
An often-overlooked detail in safe towing is what you do after you've finished towing your trailer. Unless it's on perfectly level ground, it is always a good idea to chock your trailer tires to secure the rig, especially before you unhitch it from the tow vehicle. BAL makes ground and wheel-to-wheel chocks that effectively lock down your trailer, preventing it from rolling. Figure $75 for the pair.


Tow Bars and More
Many RVers tow a dinghy vehicle along so they can get around at their destination, but these dinghies usually amount to heavy unbraked trailers. The Ready Brake tow-bar system uses a surge brake that connects via cable to the car's brake pedal. It's a clever way to use the dinghy's existing brakes with a few quick adjustments. The full towbar unit will list around $1000.

Ready Brake

Keeping Toys Safe
If you own a pickup truck and occasionally have to carry valuables in the bed, the ToyLok cable lock system will put your mind at ease. This retractable stainless-steel braided cable offers a bolt-through design and will likely discourage any and all scavengers looking for a quick grab. Cable systems will cost around $150.