Plug-In Battery Charging
It can be a challenge to keep the battery charged in a vehicle that does a fair amount of sitting between uses. Samlex Solar has a pair of compact plug-in photovoltaic cells, specially designed to use the sun to trickle-charge your vehicle's battery. Offered in two sizes, the solar charging unit plugs into the cigarette lighter and automatically shuts off when the battery is fully charged. Prices for the 5W and 10W units will range between $140 and $180.

Samlex Solar

Quick-Connect Brake Controller
Specifically designed to be easy to install and remove, the new G2 brake controller from Hayes can be used with multiple trailers on various types of tow vehicles. For safety, the system provides several types of audible and visual warnings for connections and overload situations. The G2 has a lifetime warranty and can handle quad-axle trailering duties. Prices start at $150.


Telescopic Visibility
This easy-to-use magnetic mirror attaches to the front end of your trailer to allow you to see straight down to the ball hitch when trying to align your tow vehicle with a trailer. The simple hitch ball finder uses a wide-angle mirror that lets you put the ball hitch underneath the trailer's socket. Cost is around $20.

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