Packing a Powerhouse
Designed to be as portable as a piece of travel luggage, the Powerhouse 2700PRi generator has an integrated handle and rollers, a two-year warranty, a 7-hour run time, and a variable speed fuel economy switch. Personal-use Powerhouse models also offer a remote-start option. Expect pricing for this model to start around $1200.


Active Sway Control
A basic weight-distributing hitch does a good job of relocating some of the tongue weight and limiting some trailer sway, but there are still limitations. Center Line towing systems hopes to improve on this idea by providing a type of active sway control with an internal-compression cylinder that provides counter pressure to any detected sway. It's designed to work with any gross trailer weight up to 14,000 pounds. Expect to pay around $750.


New Monaco Design
This is the first motorhome designed by Monaco since Navistar bought the company a few years ago, and, as you might expect, there are a few International design cues in the new styling. If you look closely, you can see the Lone Star big-rig influence. This Vesta model, smaller by Monaco standards, and its Holiday Rambler Trip sibling run an International MaxxForce 7 V-8 turbodiesel that meets all 2010 EPA emissions standards without the need for DEF or SCR exhaust traps. Priced in the $200K range.

Monaco RV