Next Big Thing
Every year, there's something at the RVIA show that stops people in their tracks. This year it was this side-mounted slideout, drop-down patio, and awning on a new Open Range fifth-wheel trailer. We especially liked the sliding glass door and faux flowerpots. As you might expect, this option is a bit pricey at $12,000.

Open Range

EarthBound Trailers
It's not easy attracting attention in the world of travel trailers, but EarthBound RV's sleek exterior styling and European-looking interiors succeed. The trailers are specifically engineered with wider axles for a lower center of gravity and are made with lightweight materials to protect smaller tow vehicles. These trailers do have a premium price, but offer some quality and amenity levels not seen at this price before. Prices vary between $30,000-$60,000

Earthbound RV

Retro Is Coming Back
This compact trailer is designed to be an easy tow for any V-6, yet still provide many of the features you'd expect from a larger, heavier travel trailer. Based on Riverside's popular 130 model, the fiberglass Retro offers a kitchenette with freezer, dining area, a foldable bed, and a bathroom, and it's shorter than a full-size pickup. This unit starts around $10,000.

Riverside RV