Blue Ridge Camping Hammock
Hammocks are generally considered a luxury, not an essential camping item. But this hammock from Lawson is a waterproof one-person shelter. It hangs on two ropes with an arch pole and spreader bar system; if you can't put it up off the ground, it can be used as a traditional tent. The hammock weighs 4.25 pounds. $140.

Lawson Hammock

Captain Steve's Beer Can Chicken Roaster
This product allows for a less-messy roasted chicken, cooked over a fire. Simply put a half-open can of beer or cola plus seasonings and BBQ sauce in the wire rack, place the rack in the drip pan, cram the rack into a prepared whole chicken, and put it on the campfire grate. The website even includes recipe ideas. It's $10 for the roaster, $13 for the drip pan, or $20 for both.

Captain Steve's Beer Can Chicken Roaster

GO Anywhere
Going to the bathroom can be extra challenging when you're outdoors. Cleanwaste's GO anywhere system combines trail conservation with privacy. The full system stores in a backpack and comes with a portable toilet, privacy tent, and 15 disposable, biodegradable waste bags. The entire system costs $324, and each item is available for sale separately.