Grabber Outdoors Space Blankets
You never know when an emergency is going to happen while in the woods. These Space Brand blankets from Grabber retain more than 80 percent of your radiated body heat. When stored, each 3-ounce blanket is about the size of a deck of cards, then unfolds into a 56-by-84-inch blanket. The waterproof and windproof blanket comes in silver on silver or more visible silver on orange. $13.99 for a set of two.

Grabber Outdoors

Rio Adventure Cookhouse
Looking to cook a gourmet meal on your next trip? The Cookhouse from Rio Adventure provides a 32-inch-high gray melamine counter, an aluminum frame (the whole thing weighs 17 pounds), steel grate and bottom storage racks, side stove table, and hooks for hanging utensils. It's heat resistant up to 425 degrees and folds flat when not in use. $100.

Rio Adventure

GCI Luxury Camp Bed
This is not your ordinary camp cot. It comes with such cushy features as a tufted mattress, a five-position reclining backrest, and caddy storage pockets. The feet are designed not to sink into loose dirt. The cot is made from powdercoated steel and rip-stop polyester, weighs 20 pounds, and can support up to 330 pounds. $99.

GCI Outdoor