Kwik Check Standard Gauge
Whether you have to fill an air mattress, an inflatable boat, or the tires on your vehicle, there is a recommended psi for each. You'll need an accurate gauge to know when you reach optimal air pressure. K-Pump's gauges work on Summit, Leafield, and Halkey-Roberts valves, as well as most knock-off-type valves. $38.


Spot Connect
Spot Connect works with a smartphone to make it a satellite communicator, even if you don't have cell service. When you're exploring the backcountry, you can let friends and family know where you are by texting a GPS position and message, which Spot Connect relays via communications satellites, to keep you in touch-even withFacebook and Twitter. If a problem arises, your location is sent to an international rescue coordination center. Prices start at $170.

Spot LLC

Victorinox Slim Duo
You never know when you're going to need computer files or other data on a camping trip. Victorinox (the Swiss Army knife people) makes the Slim and Slim Duo, which combine a portable USB device (up to 128GB) with items found in a traditional pocket knife, such as blades, scissors, and nail files. There's even a flight-friendly version. All are waterproof and shock resistant. The 4GB Slim Duo starts at about $49.

contact your local Victorinox retailer.