Zodi Hot Tap On-Demand Hot Shower
One of the things that keeps some would-be campers from exploring the great outdoors is the lack of a hot shower. Zodi's solution is a portable, self-contained hot shower. It has a stainless-steel propane burner, strong battery-powered water pump (four D-cells), can heat more than 60 gallons of water up to 100 degrees (you can adjust the temperature), and its 4-gallon storage case holds enough water for a 10-minute shower. $99-$149. Zodi

Outback Gear

LittleGiant TreeHaus
This camper is an all-in-one folding tent trailer that weighs 450 pounds and is big enough to carry camping and hunting gear. It contains a bed that's 7 feet long and nearly 5 feet wide, with enough room for three to four people. Inside, there is a C-channel track to make it easier to manage cargo, and both endgates are removable. The LittleGiant takes 20 minutes to set up, and has a $2995 MSRP.

Let's Go Aero

Kershaw Camp Tool Trader
The Camp Tool Trader has a cook's blade, fish fillet blade, saw blade, spatula, spoon, fork, and a cutting board, all in one container. It has two handles and the Quik-Lock mechanism. Blades are stainless steel and 6 inches long. $72-$85.

Kershaw Tools