Outcast Hurricane Pump
The 12-volt Hurricane raft inflator is a lightweight way to inflate a boat. Instead of using the elbow grease method with a set of bellows, or inflating it by blowing into the valve, this pump produces a consistent flow of air that can inflate a boat to 2 psi. Valve adapters are included. $88.

Outcast Boats

Engel Fridge/Freezers
Engel offers multiple solutions for keeping things cold, including its fridge/freezers. They come in 14- to 84-quart sizes, and are handy for camping, boating, off-road, or in an RV. The motor is spring mounted in a fully sealed chamber to isolate it from vibration. The fridge/freezer automatically switches from 12/24V DC to 110V AC. Prices start at about $420.

Engel USA

Silva Lensatic Compass
There are plenty of high-tech gadgets for those who like the modern take on camping gear. But for those who prefer an old-school compass, there is the Lensatic 360 from Silva. A classic design, traditionally used in the military, the Lensatic 360 is a liquid-filled compass with 2-degree increments, a top cover with sighting slit, and a magnifying lens in the sighting arm. $18.