Millions of people set out on the open road each year for that special family vacation and many of them are under-prepared for any emergency situations they may encounter. Planning ahead can save time and lives when the going gets bad -- especially at night. The SafetyPuck and PlugLite by SafetyBright are two products that can help light up the roadways for stranded vehicles and warn oncoming traffic.

The SafetyPuck warning light has 16-LED lights around a puck-shaped housing that light up in different light patterns -- from flashing or flickering to pulsing or swirling, and even a flashlight-like beam. It provides a 360-degree ball of light that can be seen for up to a half mile. The SafetyPuck also features a magnetic side so it can be placed on the metal surface vehicle, and can run for up to 100 hours -- powered by a rechargeable battery. It can be used on water. It's waterproof and floats, making it ideal for use in boats and watercrafts. It comes with easy-to-use accessories to charge the unit from a home electrical outlet or in a vehicle AC/cigarette lighter. Price: $39.95.

Glovebox space is prime real estate in any vehicle, and what we keep there should be important. Instead of throwing a clumsy old flashlight in the trunk of your car, put a Mini LED PlugLite in the glovebox. The PlugLite is 2.40 inches long and 0.85 inch wide and weighs just 1.2 ounces. The small but powerful light is equipped with a bright, white LED with a high-quality optical lens providing 35 lumens of light. It plugs into any 12V or 24V car-charger universal socket or cigarette lighter and fully charges in just 2 hours providing more than 6 hours of continuous light. The Mini PlugLite comes in silver, brown, and even pink. Price: $19.95.