This single-DIN aftermarket head unit has room to grow as future technologies evolve. Not only does it support Bluetooth audio and hands-free telephonics with a 3.2-inch full-color screen, turn/push controller, and not one but FOUR USB inputs. One is assigned to iPod/iPhone plug-in duty, the others can be used for an included GPS antenna, an air-card WiFi dongle to allow direct streaming of Pandora or whatever other service through the head unit, and of course other USB music sticks. The faceplate pops off for security and to access the SD-card slot for yet another potential music source and of course there's a 1/8-inch aux jack input too. It's just a few inches deep, as there's no CD playback option (there is an old-fashioned AM/FM tuner included however), and its Android operating system supports great apps like Tune-In radio, GoogleMaps, Wikango (speed- and red-light-camera locator), Roadtrip (POI finder), weather and more.

Oddly, direct Pandora support is still a few months off, but you can stream it from your smart phone. Choose to wire speakers directly to the unit using the onboard 55-watt MOSFET amp, or connect a stronger amp to the RCA output jacks. I hope to complete my installation and restoration over the winter and report back on the Asteroid's performance in the Spring. $349 plus installation.