Corona, California-based advanced FLOW engineering has released three new air intakes for the 2010-current Toyota 4Runner and FJ Cruiser.

Designed for the 4Runner and FJ Cruiser's 4.0-liter V-6, aFe's Stage 2 sealed air intake disregard the more common, open-element aftermarket intake design. Any intake's goal is to improve an engine's air induction, and aFe asserts its homework was done properly. Properly to the point where its Pro 5R intake is supposedly responsible for improvements of 10 horsepower and 15 pound-feet of torque, with 34-percent freer airflow versus the stock airbox.

The three intakes differentiate themselves by the air filter element. The Pro Dry S ($375 MSRP) includes a dry filter that doesn't need oiling to help trap contaminants. The Pro 5R ($375 MSRP) uses five layers of cotton filter material, while the Pro Guard 7 ($392 MSRP) has seven layers of filter media. A Pro Guard 7 Value Pack ($439 MSRP) throws in a replacement filter, pre-filter, and filter cleaning kit.

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