The annual Specialty Equipment Market Association show is a great place to see amazing modified vehicles and learn about trends in the world of aftermarket manufacturers. It also happens to be the perfect venue to find out what new products are coming for trucks and SUVs within the next year. Here are our favorites from the most recent show.

Fifth Wheel Tailgate

When switching from a regular tailgate to one that can accommodate fifth-wheel trailers, you lose the backup camera that came with the truck from the factory. Until now, that is: Husky Liners has a fifth-wheel tailgate with a mount for a backup camera, so you can install the camera of your choice. The aluminum tailgate's mount is durable and weather-resistant.

Husky Liners

Bully Dog PMT2

This tuner is a collection of monitoring devices and tools, all in one. Bully Dog's newest Performance Management Tools system provides tunes for diesel and gas vehicles, with significant increases in horsepower and torque (amounts depend on the application). The screen through which you control the tuner is capacitive-touch, wi-fi- and Bluetooth-enabled, and GPS-capable.

Bully Dog Technologies

Jeep BedRug and BedTred

New kits from BedRug make it easier to protect the interior from the elements, which is especially handy if you like driving your Jeep with the top down. The BedRug and BedTred kits are waterproof, and are molded to fit specific Jeep applications. The BedRug is like carpet; the BedTred looks and feels more like a spray-in material, and can be removed.


Elephant Stand Swivel Hitch

This product combines a ball mount and truck step in one. No drilling is required to install -- it slides into the current hitch assembly. It sits under the truck when not in use, and swivels around and locks in place when you need something like a "man step" to get into the truck bed. The step can hold 600 pounds of weight.

Elephant Stand

BedXtender HD

AMP Research has redesigned its heavy-duty truck bed extender, now called the BedXtender HD. Built tough, it features rounded-rectangle tubes, and its composite uprights are made to withstand torque. The product is available for most full-size and compact/midsize trucks.

AMP Research

Cargo Assault Mount

This cool rack is initially available only for Jeep JKs, but it's an idea we hope Xtreme Outfitters can adapt for use in other vehicles. This cargo mount, which sits behind the rear seat, is ideal for outdoorsmen -- it can hold four fishing rods or rifles. The Cargo Assault mount is made of powder-coated high-strength steel, and installs to the OE rear-seat holes and convertible top mounts. The mount is black, but custom colors are available.

Xtreme Outfitters

Mini Monster Hook

We've been impressed with the Monster Hook and like that the company has expanded its line of products to include the Mini Monster Hook. This one is made for smaller vehicles, such as smaller SUVs (Jeeps), compact/midsize trucks, and UTVs. Each recovery hook is forged and heat treated, and comes polished and chrome plated.

Monster Hooks Inc.

Hammer Works Zinc Hammer

We can't wait until we can try this hammer on something. Hammer Works is said to offer the only hammer with a head made of zinc composite, and the hammer won't vibrate, spark, or bounce when used. The hammer comes with either a short or a long handle made from high-density and shock-absorbent material. It's also chemical- and corrosion-resistant.

Hammer Works Manufacturing


Quick Disconnect can help reduce truck sway and improve handling, especially helpful when towing or carrying heavy payload. The disconnect installs within the leaf springs, works on any truck suspension with an overload spring, and doesn't require drilling to install.

Torklift International

Aluminum Hood Latches

Anyone who has gotten frustrated with the rubber hood latches on Jeeps may be interested in these replacement latches. Not only do the OE latches degrade over time, they can stretch out and cause the hood to rattle. Rugged Ridge's replacement hood latches are made of billet aluminum. They're adjustable and durable; the one you see here is built for the Jeep JK.

OMIX-ADA/Rugged Ridge

Salt Eraser

When roads are salted to melt the snow, that salt gets tracked everywhere. CleanTools' Salt Eraser is designed to safely remove salt from the floormats and rugs in your truck or SUV. This is also a great idea for those who tow boats or personal watercraft to ocean areas.

CleanTools Inc.

Justice SS5 Wheels

American Force has a new line of wheels, called Justice SS5. Pictured here are the 20x9-inch size. The Justice line of wheels is available in five-, six-, and eight-lug fitments, and are made of forged aluminum.

American Force Wheels

Electric Jack Pack

If you want to find a quicker, easier way to hitch and unhitch your trailer, Fastway's Electric Jack Pack may help. The Jack Pack comes with the Flip jack foot and a 2-1/4-inch A-frame jack. It's available in electric, side-wind, and top-wind varieties. The Fastway Flip jack foot automatically increases the height of the jack by 6 inches. It drops into place when you extend the jack, and tucks up out of the way when you retract it.

Fastway Trailer Products


Las Vegas Tool's EasyPuller attracted a lot of attention at this year's SEMA show. This pulling tool makes it easier to quickly remove clips, pins, bolts, seals, and even whose heads have sheared off. It's handy in the garage and around the house.

Las Vegas Tool

BD Exhaust Brake

BD Diesel Performance makes this variable-vane exhaust brake for the Ford 6.4-liter PowerStroke engine. It electronically controls the vanes inside the diesel's turbo, essentially acting like an exhaust brake that creates up to 130 retarding horsepower.

BD Diesel Performance

Universal Trailer Light Power Module

Tekonsha's universal trailer light power module uses a Zero Contact Interface (ZCi) for trailer lights. It works like a universal T-connector, but doesn't require splicing. The ZCi's sensor isolates your trailer's lights from your tow vehicle's electrical system, so it won't trip any circuits. The ZCi works on any vehicle with a 12-volt system.

Cequent Performance Products

Slide 'Em Gloves

Just because truck interiors come equipped with more electronics doesn't mean they're easy to use in winter. If it's too cold to take off your gloves, often the screen won't respond to your touch commands through gloves. This is also a problem for people working on the job site, out in the field, or for riding UTVs or ATVs. The Smartglove lets you use a capacitive touch-screen device in the cold, thanks to conductive material within the glove. There are a variety of styles and sizes available.

Slide 'Em Smartgloves

Easy Mount Electrical Brackets

Curt Manufacturing's electrical bracket makes it easier to mount tow wiring to your truck or sport/utility. There is no drilling required to install this bracket, and no clamps are needed. The powdercoated bracket is available in seven sizes.

Curt Manufacturing

Cari-Mor Cargo Carrier

There were plenty of innovative storage solutions at SEMA this year, including this cargo carrier. It can serve as a bed extender and a cargo carrier. You can drive an ATV, snowmobile, or motorcycle on it (with the front and rear guard removed); with the rails attached and a Cari-Mor cargo bag, it serves as a cargo carrier. It's compatible with any truck or SUV with a Class 2 or 3 receiver hitch with enough payload capacity for the gear you want to carry. The deck measures 24 x 54 or 24 x 61 inches.


Winch Accessory Kit

Warn's newest accessory kit is made for winches with up to a 10,000-pound capacity. It includes two 3/4-inch D-shackles, a rigging strap and tree trunk protector (both rated to 14,400 pounds), a snatch block rated to 20,000 pounds, and winching gloves, all in a heavy-duty bag.

Warn Industries Inc.


Here's a cargo solution that's great for use in work trucks and cargo vans. CargoGlide's DualGlide model seen here slides in both directions. This makes it a lot easier to get gear out of the front of a long bed, or cargo that's just behind the bulkhead in a van. There are several models choices for various payload and vehicle sizes, with no drilling necessary.


Fuel-Tool PT500 Fuel Transfer System

The PT500 is installed in your truck's bed, and once in place, can be used to transfer gas from the truck's tank to any gas-powered equipment. This can come in handy for people who need to add fuel to lawnmowers, farm equipment, recreational gear, marine equipment, and more.



Jeep owners who want to replace their vehicle's top with something stronger yet lightweight and durable may want to consider a replacement top from Bestop. This top is made of triple-layer black twill fabric, the same material found on soft tops on luxury cars. The top has DOT-approved windows, made with industrial-strength thread, and comes with a sunroof panel.


Companion Slider Fifth-Wheel Hitch

Well known for hitch innovations, B&W introduced a new one at SEMA. The Companion Slider fifth-wheel hitch is a new version of B&W's Companion, and includes slides to increase turning clearance on trucks with short beds.

B&W Trailer Hitches

BedRock and BikerBar

Yakima has two great products for those who use their trucks to carry outdoor equipment or mountain bikes. The BedRock is a tower system that creates two levels of storage. With a mount attached, you can carry cargo boxes, skis, bikes, or boats, yet still have room for other gear. The BikerBar carries two bikes and come in two sizes.