The bikes will start making their way on to BMW's accessory site on June of this year. No pricing has been released yet but BMW bikes of the past of typically started north of the thousand-dollar mark. BMW also offers a full line of bike racks and accessories to compliment their bikes.

Land Rover Evoque Concept Bike - Off-roaders Need Not Apply

Face it, as high pressure as it is being a car designer is a good gig. Not only do you get to decide the general direction vehicle manufacturing will take in the future, you can build yourself cool toys while getting paid for it. Case in point; Land Rover Design Director Gerry McGovern's latest project the Evoque Concept Bike.

An avid cyclist, McGovern states, "I wanted to create the ultimate accessory for the Range Rover Evoque - and what could be more perfect than an utterly contemporary, beautifully designed, bespoke Evoque bike. Like the Range Rover Evoque, the bike not only looks fantastic but is precision engineered for ultimate performance." The frame is a carbon fiber monocoque with an integrated seat tube for better aerodynamics and a cleaner aesthetic.

The Evoque Concept Bike was first debuted at the 2011 Geneva Auto Show where it was largely ignored by journalists who consider driving a car with a manual transmission roughly equivalent to working out in the gym. Hardware on the bike is from Shimano with a dual chain ring in front and a 10-speed cassette in the back, giving 20 forward gears. The carbon fiber front fork not only improves ride quality but the crown has been shaped to fit flush with the frame allowing the oversized headset to be hidden on the bottom and sculpted into the frame up top.

The wheels were specially commissioned for the Evoque and feature a carbon fiber deep-V shape with radial laced spokes in front and single cross in the rear. The saddle and handle bars are finished in fine leather you would expect from Land Rover with the handle bar tape being augmented with gel padding for extra comfort.

Land Rover hasn't said if the bike will mass produced, much less given a possible sale date or price. Although we would expect Land Rover to be more likely to product a mountain bike, this looks like it would certainly compete with most of the other car manufacturer's bicycles we have seen recently. It may be about time for Big Bike Comparo.

Source: BMW, Land Rover