UTVs offer barely any protection from the elements but Aqua-Hot now has a near-universal off-road heating kit for times when bundling up and huddling for warmth just won't suffice.

The hydronic heating system taps the UTV's cooling system via the radiator hose and transfers that heat to a separate heater. The kit includes a Diverter Manifold that repurposes some warmed coolant for the Aqua-Hot system, and the company is confident it won't affect the engine's own cooling.

Aqua-Hot's heater options include the 100 and 200, with the numbers representing heated air flow in cubic feet per minute. The smaller heater moves 100 CFM of hot air while the larger moves 200 CFM. Because the heat doesn't need electricity-driven coils, the heaters only draw from 0.5 to 2 amperes to operate. Just because you're outside doesn't mean you need to stay cold.

Aqua Hot
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