If you loved the inaugural Mazda Rev It Up' and couldn't get enough of it--or if you waited too long to get on the sign-up list in 2003, here's your chance to make sure you make the starting grid for the 2004 Tour. Mazda Rev It Up has announced its schedule for the coming year, with two new markets--San Diego, California, and St. Petersburg, Florida--and is beginning to take registrations on the website: www.mazdarevitup.com.

This coming year, the World's Largest Performance Driving School and National Driving Competition will feature the hot new Mazda3 as the car to drive in its skills clinics and on the competition course. A successor to the GLC, 323, and the Protege, the Mazda3 introduces Mazda styling and function to the compact segment, with the fun-to-drive character that is the essence of a Mazda.

Hailed by Grassroots Motorsports Magazine as the Editor's Choice on its "20 Things That Rocked Our World in 2003," Mazda Rev It Up was a smash hit with serious competitors, as well as participants just out to have fun improving their driving skills. Expected to draw a sell-out 30,000 competitors, Mazda Rev It Up 2004 will offer even more opportunities for personal instruction and to test yourself--and your friends--against the clock. But one thing will remain the same, the low cost for participating and competing--$40.

"Mazda Rev It Up is still the best behind-the-wheel bargain in the automotive world," said Robert Davis, senior vice president of marketing and product development for Mazda North American Operations. "We are proud that we can offer refinements that will enhance the experience for our participants, while keeping the cost low and the thrill-quotient high."

The 2004 edition of Mazda Rev It Up will feature the "Always On" Driver's Lounge--a place where competitors can go to ask questions and get driving tips from the pros--at any time during the day. Located at the Information Tower, the "Always On" Driver's Lounge will enable hungry competitors to quiz the instructors to their heart's content.

For those who feel compelled to chart their progress at every step of the way, Mazda Rev It Up will time every skills clinic and practice lap in 2004. Thus, competitors can see how much they improve on each individual run, and put the pressure on their compatriots. Mazda Rev It Up participants will be able to choose from among three skills clinics for a total of eight competitive laps, before heading to the competition course for the final two timed runs.