This spy shot of a white Ram 1500 is generating lots of talk about a light-duty Ram diesel. Chrysler's been investigating the idea for years, but we think this is a tease, because any new diesel vehicle won't leave visible soot in the tailpipe or on the quarter panels. According to some sources, a diesel 1500 may be in the works for the 2014 or 2015 model year. The diesel could come from one of two sources: Cummins (long-time supplier of diesels to Dodge) or VM Motor (a Fiat-owned diesel purveyor). If the decision is made to keep the investments within the Fiat umbrella, the Ram 1500 diesel is likely to be a 3.0-liter, 240-hp turbodiesel VM Motori unit, which would also likely find its way into the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Sorry Folks, we can't show you the full images at the moment but you can see it in our upcoming September/October 2012 issue, set to hit news stands on June 31, 2012.