It may not have much payload capacity, but based on the Guinness World Records definition of a truck as "any vehicle that features a flat load bed at its rear which stretches the entire width of the vehicle and at least one third of its length," the Australian HSV Maloo R8 'ute qualifies.

Because of HSV's partnership with GM, the 'ute comes from the factory with a version of the 6.0-liter LS2 engine found in the Corvette Z06, a V-8 that propelled the unibody truck to a top speed of nearly 169 mph. Dodge fans may wonder how a 398-horse V-8 could dethrone the previous record holder, the SRT10, which has a 500-horse V-10. It's all in the weight: the Dodge tips the scales at 5100 pounds, making it 1500 pounds heavier than the Maloo R8.

By The Numbers
2003: Ford SVT F-150 Lightning; 379 hp, 147.7 mph top speed
2004: Dodge Ram SRT10; 500 hp, 154.6 mph top speed
2006: HSV Maloo R8; 398 hp, 168.7 mph top speed