Viewers might wonder why, for example, in the first episode, they used a hybrid Tahoe versus a gas-powered Silverado. Why not use a gas-powered Tahoe model against the Tahoe hybrid for a truer comparison? "It's certainly an avenue we could have gone down, but in a lot of these categories there isn't necessarily an apple to apple comparison," Orstein says. "We made the decision early on that we're going to pit the green versus the fuel-burning and get a good match up and use that as a platform to talk about how some of these green technologies work and why they might perform better or worse in particular areas."

If there is a second season, Orstein says they might create some episodes pitting cars with exact green counterparts. "It is challenging to find these and set up these challenges," Orstein says. "It's definitely for season two, something we would look at."

Some of Planet Green's shows will air on the flagship Discovery Channel to help promote the new channel. Planet Green is the old Discovery Home channel, found in 50 million households. Other shows on Planet Green include "Emeril Green" with chef Emeril Lagasse filmed at Whole Foods, actor Adrian Grenier from HBO's "Entourage" hosts "Alter Eco," and actor Ed Begley, Jr.'s "Living with Ed" moves from HGTV to Planet Green.