We knew Nissan had plans for an electric vehicle debut at the New York auto show, and now we know the name and have the first photo.

The vehicle is called the Nissan Denki Cube. Details are scarce about the electric Cube other than it should be an all-electic vehicle concept and it should be powered by a lithium-ion battery pack, which is all the rage in electric tech for autos. Love the lightning-bolt grille, nice touch, Nissan.

We already kind of like the Cube, which Nissan has been teasing us with for sometime as a potential vehicle for the U.S. market. A new box is needed here to replace the first-generation Scion xB. The Cube appears to be a done deal for the States, but so far, there has been no official confirmation.

Add Nissan to the ever growing list of automakers pushing electric vehicle technology. A little known fact about the Japanese automaker is that it has been toying with electric cars since just after WWII, producing its first vehicle in 1947.

Source: WOT Motor Trend