Korea's fourth largest automaker, SsangYong Motor Company, will reveal its new C200 "urban compact" SUV at this year's Paris Motor Show in a presentation hosted by company president, Hyung-tak Choi.

For the first time in the automaker's history, the C200 SUV will employ a front-wheel drive layout with monocoque construction. This structural improvement is claimed by the manufacturer to be a milestone in its model lineup evolution.

If you haven't heard, SsangYong is a fan of diesel technology and will implement its 2.0L, 175 horsepower diesel engine under the C200's hood. Officials claim the engine and six-speed manual transmission combination produces extremely low CO2 emissions, improves fuel economy, and adheres to the stringent Euro V regulations.

More information regarding the new SsangYong C200 should be released as the Paris show gets underway.

Source: SsangYong