Renault's unique Kangoo be bop compact crossover will make its debut soon in Paris. Built with the active, urban lifestyle in mind, the Kangoo be bop is an excellent city companion while providing all the necessary amenities for a weekend getaway.

The Kangoo be bop is just 12.7 feet in length, and has a seven-foot wheelbase, enabling it to clear curbs only 31.8 feet apart with its small turning radius. The crossover's maneuverability is enhanced with 16-inch alloy wheels sitting on a MacPherson type suspension with four-wheel vented disc brakes. Anti-roll bars in the front and rear ensure precise handling and cornering stability.

Special exterior and interior features help distinguish the Kangoo be bop from other vehicles on the road. A standard two-tone color scheme highlights the body lines, while semi-circular side windows and a fully glazed, forward-sliding glass roof panel flood the crossover interior with light. There is also a fixed middle glass panel and two front tilting glass panels. The interior features seating for four in a comforting environment, while also affording a luggage storage capacity of 51.63 cu ft with the rear seats removed. Due to the vehicle's unique design, rear seat passengers can either enter the rear through the front doors or through the rear hatch. The Renault also features a host of safety features to keep cabin occupants safe.

The compact crossover is environmentally friendly and has three engine choices. Along with a 105-hp, 1.6L gas engine, the Kangoo be bop has two diesel engine choices: an 85-hp, 1.5L diesel is available, along with a 105-hp, 1.5L diesel. While making less power, the 85-hp diesel engine emits only 138 g/km of CO2 emissions, versus the 105-hp version's 142 g/km.

Check out this video of the Renault Kangoo be bop here.

Source: The NewsMarket