Kia is really excited about its Soul. For good reason, too: The Scion xB fighter, which we recently drove, looks to be stiff competition in the North American market. Kia plans on challenging the xB in aspects of both size and its tuning-culture success, evident by the planned slew of concepts for upcoming auto shows. For the Detroit show, Kia's concept will come in the form of the Souloeter.

Kia released a rendering of the front of the concept last month and, today, sent us another displaying the tail-end of the planned concept. Yep, it's another teaser image which leaves us with little clue of how the concept will actually look. But for now, we can tell you that the Kia Souloeter will have a some window glass, at least one wheel, and a rear tail light. Hints from Kia attest that the concept will be "more than just a package treatment." Guesses at this point include a either a trucklet or a Jeep Wrangler-type vehicle.

We'll find out more when the show kicks off. Be sure to check out our coverage of the 2009 Detroit Auto Show starting this Sunday, January 11.

Source: Kia