The second annual King of the Hammers will be taking place on Friday, February 27, out in Johnson Valley, California. The competition will take place over a 100-mile course that includes some of the most technical rock crawling terrain available, and is combined with wide-open off-road racing. The King of the Hammers has earned the status of an "ultimate desert race," and in its inaugural year, featured 44 total racers at the starting line.

This year, there will be 92 spots at the grid. More than 150 drivers competed for the 92 spots in this year's event, and a last chance qualifier will take place on Thursday, February 26, to fill the remaining 10 spots. The last chance qualifier will be held in a two-mile loop known as the "Backdoor," and will have more than 60 drivers competing for the final 10 spots.

The 2008 race featured what seemed like a near improbable finish and victory, with champion Shannon Campbell pulling out a victory after starting 43rd out of 44 at the starting line. This year, Campbell will be starting in 65th position, while 2008's runner-up Casey Currie will begin in the 35th spot. This year, Jeff Mello will start at the front of the pack.

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