Hyundai's global design team is churning concepts out left and right and at next week's New York Auto Show, they'll be bringing their latest creation called the Nuvis Concept. In addition to sporting future Hyundai design lines, the show car is said to hint at a possible crossover due out in the coming years.

From the teaser images seen above, it's fairly clear to see that the Nuvis features a single door setup on each side. It's possible that each door opens upward in a gullwing-like fashion. Its profile is steeply raked and according to designers, blends the "attributes of a tall urban car and a premium utility vehicle." Sharp LED lights both fore and aft illuminate the roadway.

It's the eleventh concept to be penned by the brand's design team stationed at the California Design Center in Irvine, California. Other than these small details, not much else is known about the Nuvis at this point.

More information is expected at its New York debut, so stay tuned for TT Online's full show coverage.

Source: Hyundai