What better way to enjoy the warm summer days that are nearly upon us than to cruise in one of Volkswagen's new California vans, right? Well, for those van-types looking to get away for away in style, VW has just released a limited California Black Edition featuring classy and sophisticated appointments suitable for the most discerning of campers.

Its exterior wears a single dark black livery matched with numerous chrome accents. Each corner receives 18-in. black faced wheels, while up front, headlights get the bi-xenon treatment.

Open up any of the doors and passengers are treated to Alcantara and leather trimmings. Front occupants are in command of a three-zone climate control system, as well as a GPS navigation. Drivers get the latest in park distance controllers too.

Powering the mighty California is the same 130-hp TDI engine found in run-of-the-mill editions.

All this coolness doesn't come cheap though. Pricing for this sleek people mover is 77,736.75 euro, or around $109,921 in Yankee money. Of course, that's if you could buy one here -- which, ironically, you can't. At least we get the actual state as a consolation prize.

Source: Volkswagen