Our neighbors to the north will be receiving their share of Roush propane-powered trucks and vans soon enough, as Canadian customers will be able to add Roush propane-powered Ford F-250/F-350 pickups and E-Series vans to their fleets by this fall. Each Roush model is expected to have all the necessary Transport Canada and other required safety certifications.

According to research from the Propane Education & Research Council, propane-powered fleets typically cost 5 to 30 percent less than gas-powered fleets while emitting 20 percent less nitrogen oxides, 60 percent less carbon monoxide, and fewer particulate emissions. In addition to being friendlier on the wallet and the environment, Roush propane-powered vehicles offer comparable performance with no loss in horsepower, torque, or towing capacities.

Canadian customers can either have a complete Roush-assembled vehicle with a 3 year, 36,000 mile warranty delivered, or have a conversion kit fitted onto existing trucks with the same warranty. The Roush F-250 uses a 27-gallon under-bed propane tank for a range of about 225 miles, while the E-Series van is likely to use a 27-gallon tank with a range of 297 miles.

Source: Roush Performance