The final leg of the Rallye dos Sertoes reaffirmed Volkswagen's place in the off-roading world, making the podium with a one-two finish just as it had done six months prior at this year's Dakar Rally. The Rallye dos Sertoes, also dubbed the Little Dakar, is held in Brazil and is regarded as the second toughest endurance off-road race after the famous Dakar Rally, which was held in Argentina and Chile. The Brazil event spans a 3130-mile course running from Goiania to Natal and consists of severe conditions ranging from narrow gravel roads to sections of deep, soft sand.

Volkswagen entered the Rallye dos Sertoes with Touareg racers that had secured victories in Brazil's neighboring countries just a couple months ago. The team of Carlos Sainz and Lucas Cruz Senra are the overall winners, while the fellow factory team of Nasser Al-Attiyah and Timo Gottschalk finished in 2nd with an overall time just one minute and nine seconds behind Sainz and Cruz Senra. Another Volkswagen team, the pairing of Mauricio Neves and Eduardo Bampi, took 6th place despite having less experience with their Touareg. With its strong showing, Volkswagen looks to continue preparing for the 2010 Dakar Rally in January.

Source: Newspress UK