Toyota's Land Cruiser is getting a full refresh for 2010. But before you get your off-roading hopes up, the rendition shown here is only available in the U.K. and other European markets. Somewhat smaller than the U.S. version of the Land Cruiser and based on the Prado platform, the European spec model is closer in size and style to the 4Runner sold Stateside.

The fabled Land Cruiser has nearly a 60 year history and has been sold in 176 countries to 5 million customers seeking what can arguably be one of the best off-roading platforms around.

In this latest form, the five-door seven-passenger SUV comes standard with a 171-hp 3.0L D-40D diesel with five-speed automatic in Britain. Other Euro markets will have the option of a 4.0L V-6 with VVT-i and a three-door configuration.

Its body-on-frame chassis has been stiffened by 11% overall to cope with harsh trails. Underpinning each of the wheels is Toyota's Adaptive Variable Suspension, who's dampening and rolls bars settings can be adjusted while on the fly by drivers.

Passengers are welcomed by a refined, more comfortable, yet still functional and rugged interior. To aid in traversing less than ideal roads, engineers included a revamped Multi-terrain Select system that allows users to select the terrain which best suits the situation. Braking, suspension geometrics, and throttle control all are adjusted accordingly based on the terrain.

As part of the setup, there's a Multi-terrain monitor system that gives multiple views of the exterior surroundings. There's also Crawl Control and a Steering Angle display function. Talk about ready for nearly anything.

While this Land Cruiser is Europe, we're guessing it'll lay the groundwork for the next-generation Lexus GX. Of course, with the premium Lexus badge on its hood, it'll get more leather and luxurious amenities.

Source: Toyota