A Dodge Ram Hybrid is forthcoming, but the automaker isn't convinced about a diesel light-duty truck, the Detroit News reports

Scott Kunselman, who is Chrysler's senior vice president of engineering, told the newspaper that he has doubts over whether recreational buyers would accept the higher entry price of a diesel engine. Nor is he sure that customers would factor in the high resale value of a diesel. Otherwise, Kunselman would not comment further on the project to the Detroit News, but said Chrysler will reveal its five year product plan on November 4.

The Ram two-mode hybrid announced last year is on track. As we reported in June, the Ram will use the dual mode hybrid unit found under the hoods of the Durango and Aspen Hybrids. With four-cylinder capability and start-stop technology, the 5.7-liter HEMI Ram Hybrid increases fuel economy by a claimed 40 percent in the city, 25 percent overall.

Source: Detroit News

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