Last month, we reported that Volkswagen would be sending five Race Touaregs to defend the 2009 Dakar Rally title. Yesterday, we learned the majority of the Volkswagen support team and their accompanying equipment have embarked on a 27-day ocean voyage from Le Havre, France to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The freighter responsible for transporting the rally's European participants' precious cargo, the Grande Brasile, was organized by the Dakar Rally organizer: the Amaury Sport Organization. The ship is moving the majority of the 373 participating teams' equipment and supplies across the Atlantic, and is expected to unload in Buenos Aires on December 28. Volkswagen has 132,000-pounds of supplies and 17 assorted vehicles in the Grande Brasile's hold. Currently in transit are Volkswagen's service and equipment trucks, two race trucks, and six Panamericana multivans designated for crew support.

"[Today] the cargo loading and embarkation of the support crew marked the completion of another stage for the team," said Volkswagen Motorsport Director Kris Nissen. “And of course, every successful completion of these individual steps makes us look forward to the Dakar in Argentina and Chile, which as the title defender we want to again decide in our favor, with even greater anticipation. [Today], a major portion of the logistical effort was accomplished.”

The 2010 Dakar Rally will run from January 2-16, beginning and ending in Buenos Aires.

Source: Volkswagen U.K.