Kia’s design team is hopeful its distinct Soulster Concept from this year’s Detroit Auto Show will be produced in the near future, reports.

"Kia's internal design community is firmly behind building the Soul'ster," Tom Kearns, chief designer of Kia Motors America, said to the website. "We'd like to see it happen. There's no official decision to build it but it's still possible."

Since its debut this January, there’s been plenty of support from current Kia fans and owners to greenlight the concept for production. Many believe it could be a huge sales catalyst for the slumping compact truck market, especially if priced right. A current base model 2010 Soul retails for $13,995 (destination and handling included).

This summer we reported that Kia officials in South Korea were said to be be considering the popular concept for their product cycle. As you can probably already surmise, the Soulster Concept is based on the current Kia Soul four-door boxy car and takes much design inspiration from it. In concept form it's powered by the Soul's 1.6L four-cylinder producing 120 hp or 140 hp mated to a five-speed manual transmission.

Kia's marketing department says its aimed at younger, limited-budget buyers looking for a fun ride. It features an open top, exposed roll bar and fold-down rear seats for more cargo capacity.

If execs do give it the go-ahead, would you buy it?