From Buenos Aires to Chile's Pacific coast, the 2010 Dakar Rally's Volkswagen Amarok support fleet proved it belonged on one of the world's toughest rally stages. The 35-strong fleet was divvied up and supported both the victorious works Volkswagen team and the Dakar Rally's organizer, the Amaury Sport Organization, throughout the intense, 14-stage event. In near-stock trim, the Amaroks endured the two-week ordeal even when half of the competitive field retired from the race early.

"The event allowed the Amarok to give a clear demonstration of its abilities and robustness," said Dr. Wolfgang Schreiber of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. "It's simple. The Amarok is the Volkswagen of Pick-ups."

The Amarok goes on sale in South America soon and is slated to enter Europe in the second half of 2010. Volkswagen currently has no intention of bringing the Amarok to the U.S.

Source: Volkswagen U.K.