Father & Son Bobby and BJ Baldwin took the top two spots in the SNORE Mint 400 Trophy Truck Class, with Roger Norman finishing third. Norman had to deal with shredded engine belts due to rocks being thrown from BJ's truck. The belt problem put Norman out of the race for approximately one hour until they could be repaired. Slower in speed, but not in intensity, Norman will compete in his first ever Rock Crawling competition this weekend with the Torchmate Racing Team at the W.E. Rock Western National in Tucson, AZ.

Third overall and first in Class 1 was King Shocks racer Mikey Childress and co-driver Jimmy Hook. The duo posted their first Class 1 victory for THR Motorsports in only their second race. "We had a great race," said Mikey Childress, "We started off going too fast, Jimmy was yelling at me to take it easy. From mile 30 to 50, the course is filled with deep whoops. We just got on top and passed a lot of cars."

Fourth place overall and second in Class 1 went to King Shocks racer Terry Householder. The Householder Motorsports car ran near the front of the pack all day until encountering steering problems in the last 30 miles. Their five-minute lead turned into a four-minute deficit relegating them to a second place finish.

Source: King Shocks, Bower Motorsports Media