The upcoming 2012 Toyota Tacoma is a refreshed model expected to arrive later this year. However, the website might have their hands on a video revealing the new spruced up Toyota Truck. But if the truck in the video is indeed a 2012 model, it appears to be more of a mild facelift than an all-out refresh.

Perhaps Toyota spent more time refreshing the interior and mechanical bits? We can’t say for sure, as there are little to no official details on the refreshed Tacoma. We should note that Toyota hasn’t confirmed what’s shown in the video, so we can only speculate at this point and it’s possible the 2012 Tacoma may look nothing like this. What do you guys think? Do you believe this the refreshed 2012 Tacoma we’ve been waiting for? If so, is it enough (style-wise)?


Images below are of the 2012 Tacoma on the left and the 2011 model on the right.