Great News! The Land Rover Defender is saved! The Defender, long (one of many) defenders of the free world, serving with British Armed Forces, among others in conflict zones around the world was almost killed off for 2012 due to new Euro 5 Emissions Standards. At the last minute though, Land Rover has saved the Defender with a brand new diesel engine.

The 2012 Defender's new engine is smaller than before, but produces the same amount of power and torque, while simultaneously improving emissions. The new 2.2-liter diesel I-4 replaces the old 2.4-liter diesel four-banger from last year. The new diesel produces 120-hp and 265 lb-ft of torque. While power output hasn't changed, top speed has; the 2012 Defender can now hit a whopping 90 mph, up 8 mph from last year. And of course, CO2 emissions have improved from the previous model, ensuring the Defender will keep defending for years to come.

Source: Land Rover