Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicles announced that its Poison Dart Frog-green Unimog Design Concept won the prestigious "Red Dot Award Design Concept" in Singapore last week. The Red Dot Award is awarded by a jury who recognizes, "That good ideas need to be combined with a good design to make a model successful on the market."

The Unimog Design Concept was commissioned by Mercedes-Benz this past summer to commemorate Unimog's 60th anniversary. Aside from green paint inspired by poison dart frogs, the Unimog Design concept featured an open cockpit, showy five-spoke wheels, and an overall design best described as alien.

Mercedes-Benz is quick to point out that the Unimog Design Concept is just that -- a design concept, and that while it won't see production, some of its styling cues might just make their way onto the next generation of Unimog trucks. The Red Dot Award was selected from a total of over 3000 submissions.

Source: Mercedes-Benz