A new concept from Ssangyong called the XIV-2 hopes to combine the best features of a crossover and convertible into one vehicle. Nissan tried this with the Murano CrossCabriolet, so we're unsure how this will turn out on the showroom floor.

Ssangyong Concept Combines Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet and Fiat 500 Convertible Cues imageWe've only seen teasers of the Ssangyong XIV-1 concept so far, but the car appears to be a mix of the Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet and the Fiat 500 drop-top. Like the Ssangyong XIV-1 concept that debuted in Frankfurt, the XIV-2 crossover concept has a blacked-out A-pillar and chunky, five-spoke wheels. While the Ssangyong eXciting User Interface Vehicle 2 retains roof pillars, the Ssangyong still provides an element of open-air driving thanks to the pulled back top. No word on whether a backup camera would be standard on the premium crossover to compensate for bad rear visibility.

The Ssangyong XIV-2 concept measures 164.0 inches long, far shorter than the 190.1-inch Murano CrossCabriolet that may have inspired it. We'd venture to say the Ssangyong might be the more attractive of the two vehicles. Powering the concept is a range of 1.6-liter diesel and gas engines.

Ssangyong's XIV-1 concept was a more traditional crossover, though all four seats could rotate 360 degrees and LED headlights were part of the package. View that orange concept, along with the XIV-2 concept sketches, below.

Source: Ssangyong