Nissan will be recalling 2012 Murano and Rogues due to the vehicle's Tire Pressure Monitoring System not be activated.

Nissan Murano and Rogue TPMS Recall

The Problem: Certain 2012 model year Nissan Murano and Rogue models were manufactured without their Tire Pressure Monitoring System's (TPMS) activation. This results in a failure to comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards because a non-active TPMS cannot warn a driver about an underinflated tire, which could potentially lead to a blowout (not the Jersey Shore kind), and a crash.

The Fix: All affected vehicles are currently in dealer inventory. Nissan dealers will re-flash the Murano and Rogue ECUs, activating the Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

Number of Vehicles Affected: There are 2983 Nissan Muranos and Rogues built between November 23, 2011 and January 11, 2012 affected by this recall.

Source: NHTSA