Best-known among pickup enthusiasts for powering three-quarter and 1-ton versions of the Dodge Ram, Cummins also happens to be one of the leading producers of heavy-duty diesel engines worldwide, and the company shows no signs of easing off the throttle with the introduction of its updated line of engines for 2013.

Ahead of tightening greenhouse gas and fuel efficiency requirements for 2014, the enhanced engines are expected to deliver up to 2 percent better fuel economy thanks to new high-efficiency water, fuel and oil pump systems. On the emissions end, the engines will employ Cummins' Emissions Solutions EcoFit suite of exhaust aftertreatment technologies, integrating a diesel particulate filter and a selective reduction catalyst. On-board diagnostics -- long a part of the passenger car and light-truck markets and employed by Cummins starting in 2007 -- will be spread across the entire engine lineup.

In a sign that natural gas may be moving beyond feel-good PSA-style commercials and T. Boone Pickens' pep rallies, Cummins has announced that is has started development on a 15-liter heavy-duty spark-ignited natural gas engine for on-highway use. Based on the ISX15 diesel engine, the new engine will employ Stoichiometric cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (SEGR) technology. Unlike diesel engines, which require costly multiple layers of exhaust aftertreatment technologies, the natural-gas engine only needs a simple three-way catalyst, much like that employed on gasoline-powered cars and light trucks.

Source: Cummins